Social media becoming a way of life

If you have ever used Twitter or Facebook, you have been exposed ever so slightly to the vast world of social media.  As a communication major, I have already learned about the importance of social media as a means to not only promote yourself online, but to prepare yourself for the future as well.  It is, after all, a fact that social media is the future of the communication industry. The main approach will be “digital first” and companies and businesses will utilize every platform that they can to get their messages, products and stories out to the rest of the world.

Remember when people used to function without cell phones?  Now, social media is a way of life for everyone, especially with the multitude of genius apps available for smart phone users to download and use directly on their phone.  Mobile communication is a side effect of social media and also promises to be a big part of the future in terms of sharing information and gathering news.  While some people use Facebook and YouTube for fun and entertainment, it is important to understand that they can offer much more than that.  Sports teams want to promote ticket sales and merchandise; businesses want users to look into their inventory of products and services.  How do they do that?  By interacting with those interested in what they have to offer.

Blogging is another great example.  Anyone can blog about anything; some will blog professionally while others will focus on entertainment and their own lives.  Beginning to work with a site such as WordPress, for example, is a valuable learning experience that can carry over into any career field.  An online presence is significant in today’s technology driven world and is vital in establishing a name for yourself or your company.  The truth is no one knows what the next big trend in social media will be; all we can do is try to stick with the curve, strive to jump ahead of the curve and become familiar with as many social media platforms as we can.

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