Five bands you should know about

Need some new music to listen to?  Maybe I can help you out!  Over 90 percent of the music I have in my iTunes library falls into the categories of alternative rock, indie rock, post-hardcore, etc.  With that being said, if rock music is your style, you should definitely check out these five bands (I also included three songs you should listen to for each band):

Land of Talk

  1. “Hamburg, Noon”
  2. “Quarry Hymns”
  3. “Some Are Lakes”

Minus the Bear

  1. “Excuses”
  2. “Throwin’ Shapes”
  3. “Into the Mirror”

Silversun Pickups

  1. “Panic Switch”
  2. “Substitution”
  3. “Well Thought Out Twinkles”

The Temper Trap

  1. “Fader”
  2. “Sweet Disposition”
  3. “Science of Fear”


  1. “Dancing With a Ghost”
  2. “Spinning Out”
  3. “Safe to Say”
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