Is there an athlete in the house?

The calendar says it is June 26, the 177th day of the year. What it does not say is that a plethora of accomplished athletes are celebrating their birthdays on this splendid day. Feel free to wish that Nick LaRosa kid a happy birthday as well (hint, hint). Just remember that he is only an obsessive sports fan and by no means an athlete.

In all seriousness, it is hard to believe that two decades of my life have passed and that I am now no longer a teenager.  Today, I begin my third official year of adulthood – where does the time go?

While I ponder that thought, feel free to celebrate today however you see fit. Just remember that when it comes to birthdays, the more the merrier.

And I wasn’t kidding about June 26 being a breeding ground for the birth of sports stars, either.

New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter, only nine hits away from 3,000 for his career, is celebrating his 37th birthday today. While a stint on the disabled will keep him away from the baseball field, Jeter is already a lock for Cooperstown and is arguably the most recognizable athlete to have a June 26 birthday. However, you could make a case for…

Michael Vick. The Eagles quarterback passed for 21 touchdowns in 2010 and was one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Vick has been through a lot in his life, but on this day he will find himself wondering if there will be a football season to look forward to in the fall. Only 31 years old, Vick still has a few more solid years left in his playing career. Time will tell if he can lead Philadelphia to a Super Bowl victory before his tenure with the Eagles comes to an end.

Jeter and Vick are just two of the many athletes celebrating their birth today, though. Here are some of the other notables:

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