Big news: I am now a B2C contributor

While yesterday wasn’t the most perfect day in the world, I can now say that I have a published article on Brian Rice’s blog The post is titled “5 Ways College Students Can Professionally Use Twitter to Grow Their Personal Brand” and you can check it out here.

The idea of writing about how college students can benefit from using Twitter professionally had been floating around in my head for quite some time, but I didn’t perfect the article until just this past week. I am truly honored to be a B2C contributor and I am hopeful that you will be seeing more of my articles on that site in the future.

In just the past year, I have written over 25 articles for The Loquitur (Cabrini College’s student-run newspaper), over 30 blog posts on this site and one post for B2C, a site that is visited over 200,000 times per month. I am blessed to be getting my name out to the rest of the world through blogging and social media and I will continue to write as often as I can during my final two years of college.

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