Hiller, Thomas debut Movember masks

If you’re a male, you probably already know that the month of November is commonly referred to as Movember. Movember is a charity event that encourages men of all ages and occupations to grow mustaches to bring awareness to prostate cancer and other health issues that men may be affected by.

While college students and businessmen alike can participate in the event, athletes often take things to the next level. In the NHL right now, two goaltenders from opposite ends of the United States have begun to don Movember masks.

Jonas Hiller of the Anaheim Ducks and Tim Thomas of the Boston Bruins both support the Movember movement and have expressed that clearly through their new mask designs. Both masks are stylish and benefit a great cause as well.

washingtontimes.com (Hiller's mask)

massholesports.com (Thomas's mask)

You can read all about Movember here and vote on which player’s mask you like more below.

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