10 ways to stay organized online

As a college student on spring break, it feels great to relax for a week. However, spring break can also be a great time to establish an online presence while finding ways to share, bookmark and, of course, read all of those important news articles and blog posts. While many of these things have especially come in handy for me as a communication major, everyone can benefit from living a more organized and tech-savvy lifestyle. A simpler life is a better life, right?

Below are browsers, plugins, applications and websites/social networks that have vastly improved my organization as well as the effectiveness of my time spent online. Give the list a look and let me know if you have found these things as useful as I have.

  1. Google Chrome: A good browser goes a long way in this day and age.
  2. Gmail: Gmail has revolutionized email.
  3. Diigo: Bookmark everything that you find important and assign tags to each story or post. For me, this has proven to be very helpful for bookmarking articles relevant to journalism and social media.
  4. Instapaper: Save the article you’re reading for future reference. Great way to keep track of stories that you need to share with your followers or refer back to for a term paper.
  5. Evernote: Write notes, record audio, keep assignments in order. This desktop/application has replaced my weekly agenda – I just type in what I need to do for a class on my phone and it syncs to my desktop app. Brilliant.
  6. bitly: Great link shortener site that helps you keep track of clicks. Very useful for people active on social media.
  7. Contently: Online writing portfolio site. Probably only helpful to those in fields like communication and public relations but if you are a serious writer, this free site is phenomenal.
  8. LinkedIn: In today’s day and age, it’s practically a requirement that you have an account with LinkedIn. Social media is always very useful and even Twitter and Facebook can help your job search.
  9. Corn on the Job: Run by Rich DeMatteo, COTJ is full of tips for active job seekers and is great at helping you prepare for interviews.
  10. Mashable: Amazing infographics, guides to social networks and tons of rumors about all things social media and tech. Quite possibly my favorite website.
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