Friday Reflection I

Why Studying Journalism Is Still a Good Idea

This is such a great post from 10,000 Words. I have been studying journalism for the past two years and while journalism is constantly evolving, I know that this is the right career field for me. I’ve always been one to help people and by taking the responsibility to share news and, most importantly, the truth with others, I feel that what I write and report can make a difference. I don’t aim to be an international journalist or anything like that but with everything now appearing online, it is extremely important to separate fact from fiction.

Print is on the decline – we all know that. I am attending school in the digital age of journalism and it is in this sector of journalism that I will aim to get my start. Social media has changed the world and it is practically the only way I get my news. Many ordinary people and even some news organizations may still not be aware but newspapers don’t contain a lot of value any more. News in the morning paper was shared on Twitter hours ago and posted to the organization’s website beforehand.

As the article point out, a journalism degree goes beyond writing and reporting – it teaches you skills. You have curating skills, information-gathering skills, organization skills and, of course, the ability to ask solid questions. Thanks to the Internet, journalism is no longer reporter to reader – the readers are a part of everything. It’s not just telling people the news – it’s asking for their feedback on stories through social media and email as well as reporting on the stories that they want you to report on.

This is a fascinating time for communication majors and I personally am looking forward to the next few years. Between new trends, new apps and the increase in news organizations going digital-first and using social media on a non-stop basis, things are looking more and more exciting for the future of journalism each and every day.

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