Friday Reflection II

NHL’s Boston Bruins Launch One Digital Network to Rule Them All

Being an avid sports fan and user of social media, the headline of this article instantly caught my eye. It turns out that the Boston Bruins are the first team in professional sports to create a network that combines their social, digital and mobile content. By checking out the network, which is called the Bruins Den, you can see their Instagram photos, tweets, Facebook updates and also read about their mobile application.

Earlier this week, the Cleveland Indians also announced that they would be using social media more efficiently. According to an article on, general manager Mark Shapiro wants to use social media “as a tool to engage with fans.” The Indians will use Twitter and Facebook while also blogging, using Google+ and using Pinterest to connect with fans of their baseball team. Along with the Bruins, the Indians really seem to understand the importance of social media to engage and connect with fans and spectators.

I personally admire what both of these teams are doing and I hope that many, many more teams will jump on the digital bandwagon in the near future.

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