Friday Reflection III

Developing timeless skills for constantly changing journalism careers

One of Steve Buttry’s latest blog posts offers several key pieces of advice for those in the field of journalism. It’s no secret that journalism has changed greatly thanks to social media but that doesn’t mean journalists should be more “laid back” when it comes to checking facts and verifying information. With an overload of information online, fact-checking is even more important. Honesty and truthfulness will never disappear, nor will writing a hard news story that gives readers the facts that they need to know right away.

Buttry makes a good point when it comes to writing leads: write a lead that would fit in a tweet (140 characters or fewer). With many newspapers going digital first, a lead that is the length of a tweet is genius. It is also important to remember that a journalist always needs to keep the public informed, whether through a written article, a video or social media. As a collegiate journalist, I am constantly learning new things about digital media and social media. However, I know that accuracy and truthfulness will always be the most important skills that a journalist can possess.

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