Nick LaRosa

Portfolio site coming this summer!

Hey everyone! I’m happy to announce that I began working on my WordPress portfolio site this afternoon. It’s going to take some time but I promise I’ll let you know when it’s launched. Thanks for being patient. Can’t wait to unveil it! Advertisements

Friday Reflection V

Google Offering Analytics for Your Email Inbox If you are a constant Gmail user like I am, this article is a must-read. By adding the “Gmail Meter” program to your account, you can see analytics and statistics that break down how long it takes you to respond to emails, who you most often receive emails […]

Friday Reflection IV

Learning to Do It All As a collegiate journalist, I know how important it is to be well-versed in writing, audio, video and social media. While it is not easy to execute all of these things, it is mandatory in this age of digital first journalism. This article focuses on everything from internships to shooting […]

NHL playoff predictions (first round)

Western Conference No. 1 Vancouver vs. No. 8 Los Angeles: Vancouver wins series 4-2 No. 2 St. Louis vs. No. 7 San Jose: St. Louis wins series 4-0 No. 3 Phoenix vs. No. 6 Chicago: Phoenix wins series 4-3 No. 4 Nashville vs. No. 5 Detroit: Nashville wins series 4-2 Eastern Conference No. 1 New […]

Friday Reflection III

Developing timeless skills for constantly changing journalism careers One of Steve Buttry’s latest blog posts offers several key pieces of advice for those in the field of journalism. It’s no secret that journalism has changed greatly thanks to social media but that doesn’t mean journalists should be more “laid back” when it comes to checking facts […]

Friday Reflection II

NHL’s Boston Bruins Launch One Digital Network to Rule Them All Being an avid sports fan and user of social media, the headline of this article instantly caught my eye. It turns out that the Boston Bruins are the first team in professional sports to create a network that combines their social, digital and mobile […]

Friday Reflection I

Why Studying Journalism Is Still a Good Idea This is such a great post from 10,000 Words. I have been studying journalism for the past two years and while journalism is constantly evolving, I know that this is the right career field for me. I’ve always been one to help people and by taking the […]