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Friday Reflection II

NHL’s Boston Bruins Launch One Digital Network to Rule Them All Being an avid sports fan and user of social media, the headline of this article instantly caught my eye. It turns out that the Boston Bruins are the first team in professional sports to create a network that combines their social, digital and mobile […]

Friday Reflection I

Why Studying Journalism Is Still a Good Idea This is such a great post from 10,000 Words. I have been studying journalism for the past two years and while journalism is constantly evolving, I know that this is the right career field for me. I’ve always been one to help people and by taking the […]

The Power of Social Media: MLB Pitcher Traded, Learns Through Twitter

* This is the second article that I have written for the website Business 2 Community. It was originally published to their site on Thursday, Dec. 29. For your convenience, you can read it on my blog as well as on their site. Enjoy! Thanks to social media, sports fans from all around the world can […]

More Google+, less Facebook in the future

Ever since hopping on the Google+ bandwagon in early July, I have found myself using Facebook less and less and G+ more and more. For me, Google+ is yet another social networking site that is in a position to thrive and reinvent the way we interact with our friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances. However, G+ […]

Big news: I am now a B2C contributor

While yesterday wasn’t the most perfect day in the world, I can now say that I have a published article on Brian Rice’s blog business2community.com. The post is titled “5 Ways College Students Can Professionally Use Twitter to Grow Their Personal Brand” and you can check it out here. The idea of writing about how […]

Social media becoming a way of life

If you have ever used Twitter or Facebook, you have been exposed ever so slightly to the vast world of social media.  As a communication major, I have already learned about the importance of social media as a means to not only promote yourself online, but to prepare yourself for the future as well.  It […]